John Daly (Johnny D)

JohnCPBorn and raised in the Bronx, John was privileged to have the chance to take piano lessons  at an early age and since that time music has remained a passion and a blessing in his life.  It was in his teens that he started working part time in piano bars and when he entered Lehman College he chose music as his major. After graduating in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree John played full time with the disco group Powerhouse in the New York State area. He had then relocated to Florida and during the late 70’s and into the 80’s had worked with a number of groups including the Legendary Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders.

Over the years he’s had the chance to meet and work with many great musicians. John’s other musical work includes performing on a number of cruise ships both as a soloist and jazz accompanist. In the mid 90’s he was delighted to have the opportunity to play with Joey Kennedy and his band and that association has remained to this day. John brings to the table great keyboard artistry and vocals. He also commands an incredibly wide musical knowledge bass that spans every genre of the art to include Jazz, Big Band, Rock n Roll to Disco and Latin Music. In other words if you ask for it, he knows it. Aside from working with his band, John dedicates his daytime work to playing piano/keyboard in numerous  Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers in the So. Fla. area which brings him great joy and satisfaction. John Daly is truly the gentleman musician.



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